Monday, January 25, 2010

Conservative ≠ Mentally Challenged. Conservative ≠ Insane. Conservative ≠ Neo-Con-Job

Below is an article I wrote a couple weeks back. Being a space cadet in my spare time, I of course posted it to the Macsmarticles blog, where it did not belong. (o_0) I did the same thing with the quickie US Supreme Court blurb as well! I tell people it's the drugs.... So here it is in the correct place. When I get my personal website going this year, this sort of confusion should stop.

Oddly, I was talking with one of my religious conservative friends today and the subject of this article was spontaneously brought up by her, as opposed to me. So the article apparently has some *DING* factor for a few people beside myself. Enjoy.


This short article is written as a challenge. I'm not going to explain the challenge. If you're ready for the challenge, or you've already conquered the challenge, you'll get it. If you're not home, if you're not at a place in yourself where you can take the challenge, then there is no point in my discussing it with you. All things in their time. All learning when we're ready. There is no being better than anyone else. There is only being where you are now and where you wish yourself to be in the future. If you don't know what to want for your own growth, you won't get it. Wish to grow and you will grow. For me it has been that simple.

So here's the challenge:

Why do well meaning people think that the 'Neo-Conservative' political movement is Conservative? When I observe and consider all the things the Neo-Conservatives have said and done, I see nothing at all Conservative about their acts. What I see is stupidity. Yes, that stupidity has killed a few hundred thousand innocent people, perpetrated a couple entirely pointless, meaningless, murderous horrors we call wars. Yes, the Neo-Cons think they're doing something of any importance in the world. And yes, there are untold numbers of psychotics in their midst that seriously know the damage this bunch of stupid people do and they revel in it. We call these deranged people 'evil'. They do know what they do. But what does it all come down to? After all the pain, suffering, killing, fighting, arguing, lying lying lying, do anything, say anything to get their way. What is it all worth?


It's just more of the same old self-destructive imperative of mankind.

And what's that all about? Tell me.

Are these people simply too lazy or cowardly to kill themselves, to commit suicide? Why do they bother to stay alive if they outright refuse to learn and grow? What is the point of their lives? I can't find any!

There is no point in hurting and murdering others. It accomplishes nothing of any value. Yes, their little inner worlds convince them otherwise. Yes, people can remain entirely deluded about their point and their accomplishments in the world throughout their entire lives. It's life long insanity. Does that mean they have no responsibility for their bad choices? Are we talking about what amount to brain dead walking zombies with no comprehension? Can you call a human being self-destructive when they have no idea that they're imploding their own head by hitting themselves with a sledge hammer?

I don't know how one deals with the hopelessly self-deluded. That's beyond my comprehension. But sadly I don't know what one does with that group of insane people who perform their acts knowing full well that they are, indeed, insane. These are the actually evil people, the deliberate who know what they do. These are the intentionally self-destructive who instead of getting it over with, turn their self-hatred and self-damage outward at everyone else within their reach. This is a very 'special' kind of insanity.

Having pointed this out, I have to also point out that being a political Conservative, and actual factual political Conservative, does not by any means equal being a 'Neo-Conservative'. This is why I call the Neo-Cons the Neo-Con-Jobs. Any actual factual Conservative who thinks the Neo-Cons are on their side about anything at all has been conned, fooled, undermined and abused.

I grew up with Conservatives. I know what the actual factual values are the real Conservatives strive for in their lives. These people are never, ever out to harm others. They want to live good, kind, friendly, joyful and productive lives. They would like as much as anyone to have their values represented in the government they elect. Have they succeeded by voting in Neo-Conservatives. No. What they accomplished was the exact opposite. That's a con job.

If you comprehend the challenge in this situation, I compel you to take it. If you don't comprehend the challenge, I can only wish, and yes pray, that some day in your current life cycle you do and that you step into your wish for yourself and mankind as a whole to grow into something better.

[I'm in an abstract frame of mind today]

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