Wednesday, September 05, 2012

IASSOTS, The Acronym

Here's a short and sweet post. It is to unveil to the world an acronym for a long phrase I find myself using constantly with regard to the US Corporate Oligarchy as well as their PoliTard puppets and sucker sheeple.

IASSOTS is the acronym for:

I Am So Sick Of This Shit.

Sorry to break my rule of being kid-friendly. But I am finding myself posting this acronym more often lately and this apparently is the first time a translation has been posted on the net. Imagine that. What an honor. :-Q*****

I hope the US Corporate Oligarchy is proud of inspiring yet another obscene spawn of their disrespect, dirty doings and bozoid behavior. I dedicate this acronym to you RIAA, MPAA, US Chamber of Commerce, ad nauseam. GFY. --No, I won't translate that one! ;-)