Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dangerous Deliberating

Kurt Vonnegut's last brilliant book (IMHO) was Breakfast of Champions. It is a detailed portrayal of how a BAD IDEA can be transmitted to another person, like a virus (hello William S. Burroughs), and destroy their thinking mind.

I am extremely restrained in what I make public versus what I think. Being the Homo sapiens sapiens that I am, I of course am arrogantly prone to thinking what I think is worth thinking, when in ALL cases I am actually thinking ignorantly. There are a few thoughts I find to be extremely reliable, and this is one of them:

We Never Know Everything About Anything.

Count on it. If you're obsessed with finding absolutes and "TRUTH!", there you go. Count on it being a FACT that 'We Never Know Everything About Anything', then act according to that 'fact'.

Therefore, I count on all my 'great thoughts' as being ignorant in one way or all ways specifically because every Homo sapiens sapiens is incomprehensibly limited in their:


Into our brains wrong, perceived wrong, interpreted wrong, translated wrong, communicated to others wrong. We are wrong every step of the way. Then we take that mess and kill each other with it, the very worst result of our consistent ignorance. We kill our miracle planet. The last bad idea is transmitted, blammo, we destroyed all the miracles that are our planet. It's gone.

We humans are, in a profound plethora of perpetrations, the single most stupid species every created by the process of life evolution. You don't get more stupid than being an ultimate destroyer of EVERYTHING that made us, sustains us and everything we in turn have made and sustained.

There's this ultimate idiot concept we humans make in our stupid moments that pulls together all our concepts of THE FOOL, the ultimate worst of ourselves as a life form. It has plentiful names, proliferating and personalizing every day. In my current culture, here are a few of this bad idea's names:


We point out into space at some nothing out there that is trying to destroy we humans. But we point at nothing other than OURSELVES. There is nothing worse at which we can point. WE are that nasty nebulous nihilist that is out to get US. We do it through all of our fallible processes that create the BAD IDEA.

And that BIG BAD IDEA that is out to get us goes round and round in circles, self-perpetuating itself, spawning and spewing an endless string of further BAD IDEAS, a continual mass infection of all our own minds with all the viral verbal views with which we bombard each other's bleary brains.

And what is CYNICISM but one more inexact, blundering bad idea that picks up and hurls incoherence.

What else are we besides stupid and self-destructive? What else are we beside HATEFUL and HATED?

We are nothing simple. We see more, we experience more, we think more, we create more, we cogitate more about ourselves and the miracle planet that made and sustains us than any other creature that has so far lived. That makes us far from worthless and pointless. What we 'are' will be just as beyond our comprehension as anything else that exists around us. Don't count on ever knowing exactly what we are.

Don't bother trying to shove us into any box. No thought can contain us. Expect us to never know everything about anything about us. There is always more...

In other words: EVERY IDEA is a BAD IDEA, a limitation, a road block to run down, a point on an infinite map. Expect that there is always more. The only 'absolute' is that there is always more...

Swim infinity.