Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time Warner Cable: More Of
The Same Old Customer Abuse Strategy


Time Warner Cable is back at it again! 
'Screw thy customer' is their mantra.
And again the customers have told TWC to take their abuse and stuff it:

$5 discount to give up unlimited data? Time Warner Cable customers say “no”
30GB data meters not appealing, nearly all customers reject them.
by Jon Brodkin - Mar 13 2014, 2:05pm EDT, Ars Technica
Time Warner Cable has been offering customers $5 monthly discounts in exchange for giving up unlimited data for the last couple of years, but almost no one has taken the company up on its offer.
. . .
"I guess about two years ago we rolled out a 5GB-a-month service. Since then, roughly six months ago, we rolled out a 30GB-a-month service across the entire footprint, and if you buy that service you can save about five bucks a month off the unlimited product," Marcus said.
. . .
The good news, Marcus said, is "we plan to offer unlimited for as far out as we can possibly see. I think that the concept of 'use more pay more, use less pay less,' is an important principle to establish. So notwithstanding the low uptake of usage-based tiers, I think it's a very important component of our overall pricing philosophy."
IOW: If at first you don't succeed, screw, screw again.

If the Comcast purchase of worthless Time Warner Cable succeeds, I see NO improvements on the horizon. Instead, everyone expects THROTTLING of bandwidth, without customer consent, to be the next big step in CUSTOMER ABUSE.

And #MyStupidGovernment won't do a thing to stop it. (In case you didn't know, Mr. Obama appointed at lobbyist for the media industry to head the FCC. It's all out war against We The People).


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