Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hope For Lousy Time Warner Cable?
Please buy them Charter Communications,
and fix their wagon good!


As a long-time Time Warner Cable victim, I could not be more pleased to hear that Charter Communications wants to buy them and treat that lousy company as a 'turnaround project'. As the single worst company with whom I have ever had to deal, I can't imagine Charter Communications could do anything to make TWC worse. The result of their influence can only be for the better.

Here's one of the relevant articles:

Charter calls TW Cable a 'turnaround project'
… Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) is rapidly losing customers for key services such as video, voice and even Internet. 
"This negative momentum isn't simply the result of their operating plan over the last year. It is the failed plan over the past half-decade," said Charter's chief operating officer, John Bickham, in a conference call with analysts.
Not just the past half-decade! I'd estimate the last FULL decade.

Charter Communications has plans to actually make TWC all digital, as opposed to the vaporware TWC promise to go all digital in 2013. CC also plans on providing wider Internet bandwidth. Hopefully, my friends in Denmark won't taunt me any more over their incredibly better bandwidth relative to the the crap TWC offers for exorbitant prices.

In this case I'd estimate that CHANGE is indeed GOOD, as in For The Better. It couldn't get much worse than the lousy service TWC foists on us now. What an awful, customer-abusing, self-destructive company.

[Oh and PSSST, Charter Communications! A hint: Fire ALL of TWC's management. You'll be glad you did. I know I will!]