Sunday, November 15, 2009

FOD: Anti-Deceit, or Positive Push

One of the things I do to keep myself busy is moderate eGroups. This started back in 1998 or so when I was handed the ownership and administrative duties of the 'Bisexual Men' group at, a website that was purchased by Yahoo and transformed into Yahoo Groups. We were probably the first such group on the Internet.


Two things just happened. You learned about my interest in leadership roles. You also had a very personal reaction to the concept of 'bisexuality' and what it means to you. Your meaning of that concept was then projected upon your concept of me. I'm still sitting here typing, entirely unchanged. However, you and your concept of me became 'entangled', to use a quantum physics term. You created a version of me in your mind. That version was integrated into your personal reality. I, me, mine is not there in your personal reality. I've over here, where I live, at 12:22 AM, typing on my bed. But a version of me you created via your very personal reaction to the stimulus of some symbols I tossed on an electronic page is now you and yours. Keep in mind as we proceed that the two of us, me here typing and me there in your mind, are NOT the same thing and never will be.


Eventually I closed down that particular eGroup as we found that the world around us had changed and the subject matter had become very public on the Internet. Soon thereafter, with the help of some net friends, I started another eGroup at Yahoo called YMO RARE, dedicated to sharing impossible-to-find music. More recently, I was following up my interest in an artist and actor named Dwayne Cameron and found that two eGroups related to his work had become SPAM nests at Yahoo. As an avid SPAM assassin, I volunteered to clean up each of the groups. One of the groups had been abandoned, and Yahoo have an odd policy of perpetuating abandoned groups into eternity. Thankfully, the owner of the second group, called DwayneCameronFanClub, was still around and handed me ownership. Such is how things go when one volunteers a leadership role in human organizations. This is nothing new to me and I didn't mind. So I cleaned up the place, tossed out the spammers and vapor-members, and made the place nice to visit.

Meanwhile, I now had an incentive to follow what Dwayne Cameron was up to. Of no surprise to me, he turned out to be a very bright spirit who is into what I call 'Positive Push'. This was a skill I had developed in myself in the summer of 2007. To me it means rebuffing the misery mongering or general suffering projected by other people, returning back at them positivity. If you've experienced this yourself you know what a remarkable thing follows: Typically the negative person drops their negativity wall, with an accompanying projection of relief and friendly humanity.

Dwayne has a YouTube site called ConsciousSpace. You can visit it HERE. He has a couple time lapse videos of himself painting as well as some clips of his acting work. What also caught my interest was a link he provided to a pair of 10 minute videos about Science and Buddhism, called "Where Science and Buddhism Meet". After you consider my blether above, please take the time to enjoy 20 minutes learning about the concepts in these videos:

"Where Science and Buddhism Meet"

Also be sure to check out Dwayne's artwork and other features at his personal website:

Q: How does one live a positive life amidst deceit and negativity from others? Hopefully I've given you some ideas, tools and examples.


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