Friday, January 18, 2013

Time Warner Cable Customer Abuse,
Part II: Bait and Switch Billing Abuse

If I were a masochist, I would be writhing in pleasure at this point thanks to the consistent customer abuse I am receiving from Time Warner Cable. It never stops.

My previous adventure ended in TWC never calling me back after my complaint to their executive office regarding their worse-than-lousy installation service. Thanks to me, I have everything working fine at this point.

Then TWC sent me the first bill for the new Basic Cable service and Turbo Internet services. The difference between the Order Summary I received and the billing statement I received is on the order of a nightmare. It's a bait and switch CUSTOMER GOUGE JOB. Let's compare:

A) My Bundle Price For 12 Months Order Summary
  1. Basic TV (cable): Included
  2. Turbo Internet: Included
  3. I own my own WiFi and Modem: Included
  4. Outlet One-Time Charges: Included
Total Charges (excluding taxes and fees), One-Time Charge Included: $49.99

Service Installation Fee: $19.95
Service Installation Fee Waived: -$19.95
∑ = No fee.

B) My First Time Warner Cable Billing Statement

Monthly service charges
  1. Basic Service: $12.00
  2. Standard Internet: $49.99
  3. Turbo Internet: $9.99
Total monthly service charges: $71.98
Difference in monthly service charges, billed versus ordered: $21.99


Plus this exciting bit of gouging:

C) One-time charges
  1. Install, Internet Service: $39.99
  2. Home Networking Install: $49.99
Total one-time charges: $89.98


Needless to say, I am going to the TWC offices (as opposed to wasting my life on their phone lines), with both my Order Summary and gouge infested Billing Statement in hand. Thankfully, their office is about 1/4 mile from my home. I will be armed with a promise to move all my services over to Verizon FIOS if TWC don't come clean.

If further TWC biznizz bozosity behavior manifests, I'll be providing Part III with the details. If you don't hear from me, they either decided to make good on my Order Summary, or they had me assassinated for muck raking their customer abuse in public. (Just kidding! I hope!)

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Until next time, one hell-of-a dissatisfied TWC customer,